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Linux-to-BlackBerry sync tool goes beta

A sync tool for Linux/BlackBerry users is now available in beta.

Information Appliance Associates, the creator of the original Mac-to-BlackBerry sync solution (also known as PocketMac for BlackBerry), announced on Tuesday a beta release of the first tool to sync Linux user data to the BlackBerry. The tool is dubbed "PocketMac for BlackBerry Linux Edition."

This beta version is the result of more than 18 months of development and testing; it's now open to the public for more input before a final version is created. The beta period starts Tuesday and is limited to a set number of users; if you're interested, you'd better sign up now.

It's worth noting that the beta version of PocketMac for BlackBerry Linux Edition is currently only being tested on the Xandros Linux distribution, and syncs against the KDE PIM application. However, in the near future, it will be made available to and functional with other distributions of the OS as well.

This is significant news for BlackBerry users, considering the proliferation of Linux-based PCs, especially with the introduction of ultratransportable computers, such as the Asus EeePC, that take advantage of Linux's low hardware requirement.

Like the previous sync tool for Macs, this Linux Edition likely will be made available for free once the beta test is over.