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Linux no cure for Microsoft paranoia

In response to the September 20 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Who says paranoia doesn't pay off?":

You're asserting that concern over backdoors in Microsoft software is valid justification to use Linux. I don't understand this at all.

GNU's software licensing accepts submissions from anybody, right? Even with code review, it's practically impossible to review every piece of logic for vulnerabilities. We all know how easy it is to build cryptic C code. If security is impossible where behavior is unknown (or unverified) then it is silly to arbitrarily accept that Linux is more secure than commercial products. This is reinforced since Linux is frequently updated on irregular cycles. It would be doubly hard to verify every change with that kind of update cycle.

Frankly, if I worked for the Chinese government, I'd be less likely to trust Linux. Frequent updates from unverifiable sources do not tend to support secure software.

Ace Swerling
Tavernier, Fla.