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Linux group adds second Chinese member

A software industry regulator in China joins Open Source Development Labs, as the country's use of Linux applications continues to rise.

    A software industry regulator in China has become the second organization from the country to join the Open Source Development Labs, a group that develops and promotes Linux.

    The Beijing Software Testing Center (BSTC) will focus on developing and refining internationalization features for the Linux operating system, U.S.-based OSDL said in a statement released Thursday.

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    BSTC was set up in 2002 by two Chinese government departments: the Beijing Government Science and Technology Commission and the Beijing Products Quality and Inspection Institute. Besides serving as the regulator for China's software industry, the center has been given the task of accelerating the country's software exports.

    "This newest OSDL member will bring a wealth of knowledge about the use of Linux in China and its potential for use in the data center and on the desktop," said Stuart Cohen, chief executive of OSDL.

    In January, Beijing-based software maker Co-Create Open Source Software became OSDL's first Chinese member. The company focuses on Linux kernel development and promoting the Linux desktop in China.

    The use of open-source software in China is on the rise. Chinese officials have signed a pact with South Korea and Japan to jointly develop an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Companies such as China's Red Flag Software and Japan's Miracle Linux also have teamed up to promote standards to make it easier for hardware and software vendors to be Linux-compliant.

    Winston Chai of CNETAsia reported from Singapore.