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Linux Foundation starts a brawl with Sun

The Linux Foundation is wasting PR bullets on the wrong enemy.

To her credit, Amanda McPherson's (Marketing director for the Linux Foundation) broadside against Sun and Jonathan Schwartz is well written and insightful in places. To her discredit, it's really not necessary, nor is it productive for the open-source community.

Amanda is dismissive of Sun's chances with Web 2.0 companies. Fine. The right way to demonstrate this is by ignoring Sun, not by taking pot shots from afar. Sun clearly has an uphill climb. It also has a huge opportunity to help the open-source community. Sniping at it won't accelerate its alleged decline nor help the Linux Foundation push more Linux servers for its customers: IBM, HP, etc. Let's be honest: so long as the Linux Foundation gets its funding from these sources, it's going to speak their mind.

Their mind is Linux. Great. That is what is on most of my customers' minds, too. However, whether Sun'srationale is pragmatic or Quixotic really is immaterial.

The point is that the Linux Foundation is picking the wrong enemy to attack. If it needs help figuring out where to direct its next broadside, try Redmond.