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Linux conquers new territory

New investments by Intel and Netscape co-founder Mark Andreessen's backing of open-source staffing effort Collab.Net show growing support for the renegade system.


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From cell phones to servers, Linux is invading everywhere. Intel's decision to take a stake in embedded Linux specialist Lynx is another sign the open-source operating system has become serious business, as is Web visionary Mark Andreessen's investment in open-source staffing effort Collab.Net.


Intel boosts Linux with new investments
Intel this week invested in two Linux companies, which likely will expand the operating system's inclusion on Intel computers.

Andreessen joins open-source venture
CNET's Linux Center The Net visionary and Netscape Communications co-founder is set to announce he has invested in Collab.Net, a site for uniting corporations with open-source programmers.

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Red Hat reports smaller-than-expected loss
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