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Tech Industry

Linux company rPath hires Red Hat alum

Maker of rBuilder, which helps developers create Linux-based software appliances, taps Dave Cotten to head sales.

rPath said Tuesday that it has hired former Red Hat sales executive Dave Cotten to direct all of its sales operations. Cotten has a 10-year technology industry career that includes stints at Oracle, Strategic Technologies and Inforte. rPath, based in Raleigh, N.C., sells rBuilder technology to help software developers create and maintain Linux-based software appliances. It announced in January that it had picked up $6 million in first-round funding from North Bridge Venture partners and General Catalyst Partners.

rPath already has a couple of Red Hat alumni in its leadership. It was set up by Erik Troan, a veteran of the Linux distributor. Troan left embedded Linux company Specifix also home to Red Hat veterans, to set up rPath, where he is chief technology officer. Billy Marshall, once Red Hat's sales chief for North America, is CEO of rPath.