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Linux-based Media Center PC

Linux-based Media Center PC

Further blurring the line between set-top DVR boxes and Media Center PCs, the new MediaReady 5000 looks like a large DVD player, but it actually houses a Linux-based computer designed for DVR recording, media playback, Web surfing and e-mail.

A collaboration between hardware maker Video Without Boundaries and popular DVR software company SageTV, the MediaReady 5000 is being officially announced today. Besides standard features such as an electronic program guide for tracking and recording TV programs and media management tools for photos, music, and other media files, it promises access to content on other PCs in your home network and a future broadband content delivery system for movies on demand.

Under the hood, the box is powered by a VIA 1GHz CPU with 128MB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive, using Linux-based SageTV Media Center software. Adding this hybrid to your home theater will set you back $699.