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Linksys untethers Skype

Linksys untethers Skype

Skype, provider of free Internet telephony services, and Linksys, provider of networking and Wi-Fi gear, announced today a partnership to help Skype users walk away from their computers and wander pretty much anywhere in the house. Unlike the Actiontec Phone Wizard, the CIT200 Internet Telephony Kit includes not just an adapter, but a handset, as well.

The CIT200 kit comprises a USB base station that plugs into your PC's USB port, a charger, and a cordless handset that supports many features available on regular cordless phones, such as call waiting, multiple ring tones, speakerphone, and an LCD panel.

On the downside, unlike the Actiontec adapter, the CIT200 doesn't support regular landline calls. But the prospect of making Skype feel more like using a regular phone? Probably worth the estimated $129.99 street price. Units will be available starting on October 17, and we're eager to get our little hands on it.