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Linksys home networking made easy and stylish

The system is made to look good with home media.


As the nerve center behind a home network, the WRT54G2 is Linksys' latest out-of-the-closet wireless "G" router featuring three key unique propositions: Attractive design, ease of use, and built-in antennas. It's sleek and tastefully designed, at home with any A/V product such as your flat-panel TV and home theater, thanks to generous curves and a matching piano-black finish.

Its software has an intuitive graphical user interface for an instant snapshot of your overall network, equipment, and operating status. The system is even smart enough to alert you when there are Linksys firmware updates.

Unlike competing products, the WRT54G2 stands out with integrated radio antennas. According to Craig Gledhill, Linksys' vice president for Asia Pacific, this not only has negligible impact on the router's wireless coverage, but exceeds the performance of past offerings. Despite all its bells and whistles, this all-in-one router, access point and switch retails for a relatively reasonable $52.

(Source: Crave Asia)