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Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera: Spy-Fi

Send live video to a Web browser anywhere in the world with this wireless Internet video camera -- you know you want to

Rummaging in the box labelled iPhone, we came across a curious addition from Linksys called the Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC-UK). It's fairly obvious what it does, but at the risk of insulting your intelligence, we can confirm it's a small wireless video camera you can access via the Internet.

It's designed to help you monitor your home, office or spouse while you're not around to keep an eye on things, but we're sure there's an almost unlimited number of nefarious things it can be used for. Use your imagination.

The camera has a motion detection mode and can send SMS or MMS picture message alerts to your mobile phone. It can also be accessed remotely via the Web, but you have to pay a £2.50 per month subscription for the privilege. We'd have set up a live video feed of the Crave offices, but there's no way we're spending that sort of money on you lot. You'll just have to trust us when we say we're big pimpin'.

The Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera is easy to set up, and the fact it works over wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi networks is a real bonus.

Paranoid geeks can snap one up for around £80. -RR