Links of the day, January 6, 2009

Besides MacWorld, the Cloud, open source and expensive tuna made the news today.

Commuting down to the valley from SF is such a time-suck that I ran out of time and energy to get in any quality blog time. Fortunately, others wrote things for you to enjoy.

The Register: A crack in the madness of clouds
--My latest Cloud-oriented piece for El Reg in which I use the terms "cloud-droplets" and "data-as-an-answer." I am sorry for both.

WSJ: Premium Tuna Sells for $104,400 in Auction
--Did you know that Japan had strategic tuna reserves?

NY Times: Data Analysts Captivated by R's Power
--R is like Erlang for the Excel set

451 Group: VC funding for open source: mixed messages from 2008
--Funding is cyclical so it's a bit hard to tell what will happen in 2009. I personally know of three open source companies that have been or will be funded in Q1.

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