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LinkedIn with apps makes social networking actually useful

Networking site has made me a fan again with the addition of the TripIt application.

Based on a nudge from Luke Kanies, I installed the TripIt application for LinkedIn. Others have been prodding me to use TripIt for at least a year, but this is the first time it made sense.

In one view, I could see my network activity, but right next to it is an upcoming trip to New York and people that I might want to reach out to while there, like my cousin.

What a perfect complement.

Names have been smudged to protect the innocent.

This is what Dopplr should have been, but it requires me to recreate my schedule (and network) just for it. I tried it for a few weeks and then gave up.

I use LinkedIn exclusively to recruit for Alfresco. I've also started to use it to track Tweets about Alfresco. With the addition of TripIt (you guessed it!), I'm going to start using LinkedIn to help remind me of customers, partners, and prospects I should be seeing when I travel.

LinkedIn does social networking right. It gives me relevant information, doesn't pretend that everyone I've ever thought of (and many that I haven't) are my "friends," and generally treats me like an adult. With the addition of applications like TripIt, it just became even better.

Now, it just needs a repository for storing the blogs and other communications that it will no doubt shortly integrate. I know of one....