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LinkedIn thwarted over 20 million fake accounts in the first half of 2019

Most of those accounts never made it live in the site.


LinkedIn is cracking down on fake accounts.

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Not even LinkedIn is immune to fake accounts. 

The professional networking platform said it took action on 21.6 million fake accounts between January and June. Of those, 19.5 million never made it live on the site because they were thwarted during registration, LinkedIn said in a blog post Tuesday. 

Another 2 million were restricted before anyone reported them, and 67,000 were taken down after user reports. 

"[Ninety-eight percent] of all fake accounts we prevented or took down were done so through our automated defenses, including artificial intelligence and machine learning," the company said.

Dealing with fake accounts has become a regular occurrence for social media platforms. Facebook, for example, said it pulled down 3 billion fake accounts between October 2018 and March 2019.

LinkedIn says it has about 645 million members.