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Tech Industry

LinkedIn reveals the companies where we most want to work

Spoiler alert: Apple tops the list globally on LinkedIn's list of 40 Top Attractors.


Apple's the most popular globally.


On Monday, LinkedIn published its Top Attractors report -- the list of 40 companies that job seekers most want to work at and that are the best at retaining them. The top company globally? Apple.

Though Apple doesn't lead the US list -- Google does -- the first 10 in the US are all tech-related and all big names, including Salesforce, Facebook, Apple and Amazon in the top five. In the UK, Google comes in fourth; the retailer John Lewis tops that regional list, with Virgin Media, Harrods and the PA Consulting Group rounding out its five.

In Australia, accounting is oddly popular, with KPMG and PwC at the top, followed by Commonwealth Bank, Coles and Deloitte consulting.

The report also has breakouts for Brazil, France and India.