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LinkedIn? Not for us, CEOs say in survey

Some 93 percent of chief executives globally aren't on the professional network, according to recruitment firm CTPartners Executive Search.

LinkedIn offices

The world's largest online professional network LinkedIn may claim to have over 160 million members globally, but it has yet to convince the majority of chief executives to get on its bandwagon -- with 93 percent of them absent from the platform.

Recruitment firm CTPartners Executive Search released a study today stating that 93 percent of CEOs from the world's largest companies choose not to post their profiles on LinkedIn. In Asia, only 3 percent are on the network, it noted.

Of those with a LinkedIn profile, all are male and are not predominantly from the technology sector. In Asia, for example, CEOs on LinkedIn represent companies in the financial services, automotive, and oil and gas sectors. Company size did not play a big factor, as top executives on it hailed from both ends of the Fortune Global 500 companies list.

The research polled 469 companies from Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States from Fortune's 2012 Global 500 list.

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