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Lining up the defense

At Black Hat confab, security experts talk Google, RFID, e-voting; at Defcon, hackers hone strategy. Also: More patches for IE.

At the Black Hat Security Briefings in Las Vegas, the talk turns to Google, e-voting defenses and RFID. Also: Hackers gather at Defcon, and Microsoft issues new patches.

Hackers plan global game of 'capture the flag'

Online attackers will take on one another in a massive Internet exercise. Could it spill out into the real world?
July 30, 2004

Microsoft patches three critical browser flaws

The software giant hopes that the trifecta of fixes will lasso the Download.Ject Trojan horse.
July 30, 2004

Google a favorite among hackers, too

Surfers looking for pictures of Halle Berry or a trailer of the latest big flick aren't the only ones turning to the search engine.
July 29, 2004

Companies patching security holes faster

But administrators are still taking longer to secure computers located within a LAN, believing they're safe.
July 29, 2004

E-voting critic calls on hackers to expose flaws

Harvard researcher urges security experts to show flaws in current electronic voting machines and points to $10,000 reward.
July 29, 2004

Check Point plugs VPN security hole

Flaw in some virtual-networking and firewall products could let hackers into networks.
July 29, 2004

New tools due for database security, compliance

Guardium's suite of integrated database security applications will include an automatic Sarbanes-Oxley compliance function.
July 29, 2004

RFID tags become hacker target

The tracking technology could be abused by tech-savvy shoplifters to mark expensive goods as cheaper items.
July 28, 2004

Better tools let hackers strike more quickly

The bottom line for administrators is that they can't sit around and "wait for the next quarterly patch anymore," one specialist says.
July 28, 2004

Bulk of year's PC infections pinned to one man

Firm says German teen, self-confessed author of Netsky and Sasser viruses, to blame for 70 percent of infections.
July 28, 2004

Details of Microsoft antivirus software leak out

French executive of software giant reveals some tidbits about company's planned entry into antivirus market.
July 28, 2004