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Line blurs between workstations, PCs

Intergraph introduces Pentium-based 3D personal workstations priced under $2,000.

Intergraph (INGR) announced today that it is introducing Pentium-based 3D personal workstations priced under $2,000.

The announcement marks a further blurring of the distinctions between desktop PCs and personal workstations. Usually, personal workstations used for applications such as CAD (computer-aided design) or Web content creation feature Intel Pentium Pro processors running Microsoft's Windows NT operating system. Intergraph's new systems feature either a Pentium processor or a Pentium Pro processor running Windows 95.

The company says that the new models will be priced competitively with desktop PCs from companies such as Dell while offering Intergraph's 2D and 3D graphics accelerator cards used in more expensive Pentium Pro-based workstations.

The new systems are currently available through current resellers as well as a section of the company's Web site called Intergraph Express.

The TD-22 with a 133-MHz Pentium processor starts at $1,185; the TD-25 with a 166-MHz Pentium with MMX starts at $1,485; and the TD-220 with a 180-MHz Pentium Pro starts at $1,680. The systems will be available May 5.

Models in the TD PC product line will include Intergraph's InterSite software that allows IS managers to monitor a computer's power consumption and temperature as well as alert them if the PC's box is opened or altered.

Future models in the TD PC line will be available with the next generation of Pentium Pro, called the Pentium II. The Pentium II will include MMX technology, which aims to improve performance of multimedia functions and is expected to be introduced in May.

Intergraph personal workstations
Model Processor Base price Processor Options
133 MHz $1,185 166, 200 MHz
TD-25 166 MHz MMX
$1,485 200 MHz MMX
TD-220 180 MHz
Pentium Pro
$1,680 200 MHz
Pentium Pro
All systems include Intense 3D 100 graphics, 16MB of RAM, 1.7GB hard disk, and Windows 95. Other customer configurations are available.