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LiMo to show off latest release of platform

The second release of the mobile platform, which the foundation says won't go head-to-head with Android, is set to be unveiled next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This was originally posted at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

The LiMo Foundation on Monday said the second release of its Linux-based handset platform is on target. LiMo added that it will show off the latest platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next week.

According to LiMo, its members are introducing reference implementations of the latest release (statement). The primary goals are to make the platform easier to deploy and add Web 2.0 features.

LiMo (all resources) is an open platform supported by a bevy of wireless-industry players.

Access, Azingo, LG Electronics, Purple Labs, and Samsung Electronics contributed code to the LiMo Platform R2. LiMo maintains that it isn't going head-to-head with mobile platforms like Google's Android because it is focused more on the middleware side of the equation.

Separately, LiMo said it will endorse the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) Bondi specification, which allows Web applications and widgets to use native functionality such as calendars, contact lists, and cameras. LiMo said in a statement:

The mobile industry has lacked a common specification that allows for easy reuse and portability of Web applications and widgets--often forcing developers to repeatedly rewrite their code in order for their program to run on the many different types of mobile handsets.

Bondi creates a common interface between these applications and the underlying handset functionality to ensure seamless deployment of innovative Web applications. Any Web engine or browser can use the Bondi open interfaces to enable Web 2.0 applications and widgets to easily use the powerful capabilities of today's mobile devices.

The foundation also said Wind River will be the systems integrator of choice for deploying the LiMo platform.