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Limited edition OnePlus 7 Pro comes in 'Almond' white, costs $699

OnePlus' latest flagship phone comes in an elegant cream-colored variant.


The special edition OnePlus 7 Pro.


The OnePlus 7 Pro, which features a novel pop-up selfie camera, triple-rear cameras and high-end hardware specs, comes in a new, limited edition color. Dubbed "Almond," the cream-colored, almost copper-tinged variant costs $699 and £699 (the phone isn't available in Australia, but that converts to about $1,006) with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of built-in storage.

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Since 2014, when the company launched its first OnePlus One, OnePlus has garnered a reputation for making phones with premium specs at a wallet-friendly price. And while every year it gets harder for OnePlus to keep prices low (compared to other brands, OnePlus has one of the highest increases in cost from model to model), the OnePlus 7 Pro is still a great value despite being the company's most expensive phone.

The phone also features an in-display fingerprint reader, a smooth 6.67-inch display that refreshes 90 times a second (most phones refresh 60 times) and fast-charging technology called Warp Charging. The company recently released an update that improves the phone's camera too, including boosting HDR and lowlight photography. And while the OnePlus 7 Pro isn't officially IP rated for water resistance, it survived 30 minutes in a tank of tap water. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't have wireless charging nor a headphone jack.

An even less expensive variant, the OnePlus 7, is available in the UK too. It costs £549 (8GB of RAM/256GB of storage) and doesn't have the pop-up camera nor the wide-angle rear camera. For more about both phones, read CNET's OnePlus 7 Pro review and OnePlus 7 review.