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Limbaugh appeals to Apple's Jobs for help

Rush Limbaugh's radio show probably isn't streamed to that many desks at Apple headquarters, but El Rushbo is thinking about asking El Jobso for a little tech support.

Even the rich and famous can't always depend on their megaphones for technical support.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is having trouble with his four Mac Pros, which he recently upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5.2. Apparently he's having some sort of issue with Leopard that he thought would be fixed with the latest update, but it wasn't, and Limbaugh joked about making a personal appeal to Apple CEO Steve Jobs for technical support.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is probably not a dittohead. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Limbaugh posted a transcript of an exchange from his Tuesday show concerning the Leopard update. "I've been having two problems since I went to Leopard that I hoped this update would solve, and it didn't solve them; and it's frustrating. ...(Apple representatives) file reports and get lost in the Apple bureaucratic system -- and occasionally a good-intentioned, good-hearted Apple rep will get on the phone, try to solve it, and will say, "Yep. It's the same problem I'm having on my machine."

Limbaugh didn't get into exactly what type of problem he was experiencing, but figured that Jobs might not be all that receptive to his pleas for help. Jobs is a noted Democratic supporter, even nominating former Vice President Al Gore to his board of directors and openly urging him to run for president this year.

One of Limbaugh's employees drove the point home: "If you put out this appeal to Steve Jobs and ask him to help, his reply is going to be, 'Mr. Limbaugh. Do us a favor and endorse Windows.'"

Limbaugh is actually a longtime Mac user and Apple supporter, openly talking for years about his preference for Macs on his radio show. And back in 2006, he was able to get Apple to change the way iTunes handled podcasts that were only open to members of a club or organization. Although if you believe the latest studies, Mac users are supposed to be more liberal and open-minded than the average person. Go figure.

The more interesting question is what is plaguing Limbaugh's Mac Pros. I e-mailed Limbaugh through his Web site asking for more details, and I'll let you know if I hear back.