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Lily Allen swaps hacked MacBook for Samsung SF310, sues Apple

Pregnant pop star LILY ALLEN has been sensationally SPOTTED on the town with a SEXY new SAMSUNG SF310 after sensationally DUMPING her Apple MacBook -- who she's now sensationally SUING!

Lily Allen has a new love -- and is suing her ex. Don't worry, Crave hasn't transformed into a dreadful gossip rag: we're talking about the singer's special edition of the new Samsung SF310, as she reportedly sues Apple over a hacked MacBook.

The pregnant popstrel and her sister Sarah Owen have opened the Lucy In Disguise vintage shop based around the character of Lucy, who has travelled the world, or something, er, wearing clothes, and -- look, it's a clothes shop alright?

The 13-inch SF310 was announced earlier this month at IFA, alongside the 14-inch SF410, 15-inch SF510 and NF range. It packs Core i3 or Core i5 dual-core processors and a 7.5 hour battery. The special edition laptop will be in Allen's Covent Garden store for visitors to browse the LID website, which features some ladies dancing around in their smalls to Kenickie and is therefore alright by us.

Lily should perhaps consider a Samsung herself after her MacBook was reportedly hacked. According to the super soaraway Sun, Allen decided it's not fair that Apple wouldn't help without a court order, and has launched a legal challenge to get her smile back.

She'll have to get in line: Apple's lawyers have lately had to deal with overheated iPads, iPhone 4 antennas and legal fisticuffs with HTC.