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Like pixels in the hourglass...

This digital hourglass kitchen timer is a fun way to keep yourself on task.

Now you can save time in a bottle. Amazon

A kitchen timer is one of the most indispensable tools a cook can have. Whether you're timing the roast in the oven or working on your FlyLady skills, the timer keeps you on track and keeps things running smoothly.

Sure, you can program the microwave timer, or the one on the oven, but there's something to be said for a standalone kitchen timer. And this digital hourglass timer from Polder is just plain fun.

It comes in red, black, and silver (the cool kids are going with red, fyi) and has a 100-minute timer/stopwatch. It's also a clock--and you can set it to show 12- or 24-hour time. Flip it over to change from clock to timer and back, and press a button to instantly recall the last setting.

When it's out on your counter, it looks great, and it'll make even the most mundane chores a little more exciting. Snag it for about $15.