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Like Ahnold, Amazon's Echo Dot will be back

The Dot sold out faster than anticipated, but should return in time for the holidays.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Worry not, Amazon customers! The Dot will return.

Amazon's Echo Dot device sold out earlier this month, sparking rumors that the product had been discontinued. I checked with Amazon, which quickly confirmed that news of the Dot's demise were greatly exaggerated.

The $90 Dot, a hockey-puck shaped speaker that houses Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, was introduced in March along with the Amazon Tap speaker. The Dot can be used as a tiny, standalone speaker or can connect directly to a homeowner's speakers and turn them into Alexa-powered ones.

A spokeswoman told CNET on Thursday that the company was "surprised" the Dot sold out so quickly.

"I expect Echo Dot will be a big hit this holiday season, but I'll have to ask you to stay tuned for more on availability," she continued.

So, yes, the Dot will be back -- we just don't know when.

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