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Lightning strikes Empire State Building in sizzling video

One of New York's most famous buildings is caught on video absorbing a spectacular lightning strike.

A robust summer storm hit New York City on Monday and brought some fireworks along for the ride.

Journalist Henrik Moltke pointed a camera out a window toward the city's iconic Empire State Building and was rewarded with a spectacular show of nature's feisty side. He caught the exact moment when a bolt of lightning struck the Art Deco-style skyscraper.

Moltke describes what he's seeing during the video, noting the sound of thunder. Then the strike happens, flashing against the sky and forming a red dot on the Empire State Building that makes it look like a someone has aimed a giant laser pointer at the architectural icon. The video is simply titled "Boom!"

According to the Empire State Building website, the structure acts as a lightning rod and is struck by lightning an average of 23 times per year. If you enjoy witnessing the awesome power of weather, check out this video of lightning destroying a tree and this footage of a man attempting to walk against a gale-force wind.