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Lightbulb-shaped clock tells watt time it is

The Watt Time alarm clock is constructed out of high-gloss, hard plastic that lets the digital time display shine through the bulb's outer casing.


Good thing the lightbulb-shaped Watt Time alarm clock (Watt Time, geddit?!) isn't made of glass or it could pose a hazard when annoyed sleepers roll over to smack the snooze button located on the top of the socket.

Instead, the gizmo is constructed of high-gloss, hard plastic that illuminates the bright blue LED time display. If you don't like waking to sound, you can set the bulb to light up when it's time to crawl out of bed.


While the Watt Time features a sleek, simple design (all set buttons sit discretely on the back of the bulb), the product might not appeal to those with meticulous interior-design taste. After all, it could appear at first glance that you just left an old bulb on your nightstand when you went to change the one in the reading lamp.

Still, it's a bright idea for people who like their products infused with a touch of playful.

Watt Time comes via Quirky, a relatively new collaborative design community that also conceived of the super-cute DigiDue tripod we told you about recently. The Watt Time is currently on presale at Quirky's online store for $24.99.