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LightBridge jumps after BW mention

Shares of LightBridge Inc. (Nasdaq: LTBG) climbed 2 1/16 to 11 13/16 on Friday after a portfolio manager tapped the telecommunications services company to rise about 20 percent in the next seven months. Earlier, shares hit a 52-week high at 13.

Kopp Investment Advisors' Pat Farley flagged the company to hit $12 a share by the year's end, according to Business Week's "Inside Wall Street" column.

The Burlington, Mass. company screens applicants for cellular phone service providers to avoid deadbeats and other miscreants. LightBridge also offers support services as well as quick application processing.

AT&T Corp.'s (NYSE: T) makes up 29 percent of its sales. Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA), Sprint PCS (NYSE: PCS) and Southwestern Bell are also clients.

Shares have risen 110 percent year to date, cresting from a 52-week low at 3 1/8 in October.