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Light up your pets with this Neo Pop LED collar

A Korean startup has created a collar for your dog or cat with built-in LED lights that are capable of displaying text.

The Neo Pop collar will let your pets shine. Aloysius Low/CNET

SINGAPORE -- Have you ever wanted to make your pet stand out in the pitch dark? Now you can, with Korean startup Neo Pop's LED pet collar.

The Neo Pop collar is basically a bendable LED strip that can show text such as the name of the pet and a mobile phone number to call in the event that they get lost.

Neo Pop's CEO Seo Young Jin told me that besides Korea, where the collar is already selling, the company plans to sell them in Japan and Australia soon for around AU$80, or the local equivalent of $60. Seo was here at the Echelon conference, an event for Asia-based startups.

There are, however, a few things you may want to consider before getting one -- especially for cats, as it doesn't have a quick-release catch in case it gets caught in something. Also the bright LED lights can be annoying to look at for a long time, but it won't affect your pets too much, as it's positioned to be at the back of their necks.

Battery life is rated at 20 hours, and you'll have to charge it from a Micro-USB port. It's not mobile-friendly at the moment, so you'll need to use a PC app to change the text.