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Light up the kitchen with the OXO Bright Digital Immersion Blender

The OXO Bright Digital Immersion Blender features an LED headlight.

See your soup and sauces in a new light with the OXO Bright Digital Immersion Blender. Williams-Sonoma

Who knows what deliciousness lurks in the depths of homemade soup? You do. Well, assuming you are the one who assembled the ingredients (or happen to be the one who gets to enjoy the result). Coaxing soup out of a pot full of ingredients may be one of the most time-tested cooking methods due to its wide range of procedural elements; it can be as simple or complex as the cook desires. Be that as it may, the chef still needs to see.

The OXO Bright Digital Immersion Blender ($89.95) shines a light on soup-making and other cooking tasks by incorporating an LED light. The stick blender can be used on the cooktop, blending ingredients directly in the pot while they cook or with the included 3-cup blending container. The headlight turns on automatically and stays on while the stick blender is plugged in.

Capable of making so much more than soup, the handheld blender can also be used to make dips, sauces, spreads and smoothies. The cooking accessory has six speeds that can deliver a range of results, allowing for precise control depending on goals from chunky to smooth. Also available as part of the OXO Bright collection is the Digital Hand Mixer, giving home cooks control, flexibility -- and light -- for a variety of cooking and baking needs. Now the question just becomes, what to cook first?