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Light posting and heavy snow

Posting to The Open Road will be light today because the powder is so deep.

Matt Asay
Sorry. Posting will be a bit light today as I'm in Grand Targhee, Wyoming, skiing with my family. I'll be online periodically to keep up on the blog, which I view as leisure time as much as anything, but with all this powder, I'm spending most of the day on the slopes.

I had worried that the "family ski trip" would involve too much family and not enough skiing, but I've been pleasantly surprised. All those lessons seem to have paid off...big time. I haven't had to wait for my kids and my eldest daughter and wife, Jen, have been absolutely shredding through the two feet of powder.

That's her to the right.

I've got some stories to write, including one about a big enterprise software vendor that pulled out of competing on a bid because "We can't compete with open source." Yeah, that one felt good. It's going to be like a vacation to write that one up. Stay tuned.