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What's scarier than death? 'Life,' maybe

The film doesn't exactly look like anything new, but first contact and getting killed in space is always a bundle of joy.

In space, our wildest nightmares are born and bred. And this time, it's a classic: An extraterrestrial life form is discovered. The crew probably has to kill it and themselves before it infects Earth. (To be honest, just once I want the alien-killer-virus-thing to make it to Earth. Hey, maybe that's the prequel to a zombie movie.)

"Life," stars Ryan Reynolds (yes, Deadpool), Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson ("Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"), Hiroyuki Sanada ("The Wolverine") and more, and traps our assumed heroes in space with an unknown, potentially fatal alien entity.

With a voice-over of JFK's Rice University speech, the trailer begins by stressing the openness and freedom of space. Ariyon Bakare ("Jupiter Ascending"), whom I assume plays the science officer on this mission, spells out something a bit more ominous, but no less inspiring: "The mission's primary goal has been achieved; we're looking at a large single cell, biological. I'd hate to jump the gun, but I think it's time. We're looking at the first proof of life beyond Earth."

Shortly after his announcement, the cute little life form is, well, eating him.

The film is definitely not a new concept, but maybe "Life" will surprise us? It comes out next year over Memorial Day weekend (May 26) in the US and on May 12 in the UK.