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'Life' will always find a way in this exclusive clip

What if we found extraterrestrial life but couldn't contain it? Columbia Pictures' latest explores that frightening question in the void of space.

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Sure, we all know that in space no *one* can hear you scream -- but what if some *thing* could?!? What if something could hear you and mimic you and really just scare the crap out of you in space?

Such is "Life," a Columbia Pictures movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson as astronauts aboard the International Space Station who are suddenly the world's first and final line of defense against an unknown, extraterrestrial entity. And at 250 miles above Earth, they're our last hope for humanity's survival -- not that we'd know it, but still.

In this exclusive clip, we get to the heart of the film, a classic scientific dilemma: Is any scientific discovery worth the potential for a loss of life? "If this ever gets back to Earth, it will risk all human life," says Ferguson's character.

To scare yourself some more, be sure to check out the first trailer too. "Life" opens March 23 in Australia and March 24 in the US and UK.