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Life-size T-Rex skeleton made of balloons is breathtaking

Artist Mark Verge created an intimidating Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur from 700 balloons. A new video shows how he did it.

This life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skeleton might look like something out of a natural history museum, but it's actually made of balloons.

Canadian artist Mark Verge created the balloon T-Rex skeleton, which stands an impressive 12 feet (3.6 meters) tall and stretches to 43 feet (13 meters).

Verge spent 40 hours over 3 days inflating 700 balloons and twisting them into place. Lamp stands keep the balloon sculpture from falling down.

"When I start with a dinosaur I start with the vertebrae and I go all the way through," Verge said in the above video about the project. "The ribs are the more challenging parts because it's so large and you have to use multiple balloons to actually put it together."

In the past, Verge has created large balloon sculptures of trees, trucks, horses and motorcycles. But it's his balloon T-Rex skeleton that earned him first place at the 2007 World Balloon Championship. The video, posted just last week, shows how he made the crazy creation.