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Life-size hobbit Bag End made of 2 million Legos

Lego gives one of its popular hobbit sets the life-size treatment. It's so big, you can walk inside.

Lego Bag End build
Welcome to Lego Bag End. Lego

I've tried what I thought were some ambitious Lego builds in my childhood, but I never got close to making anything that could be considered life-size. That's why I'm tipping my hat to the insane quest of the Lego builders who made a life-size Bag End in honor of "The Hobbit" movie.

The Bag End creation is impressively detailed. There's a big round door and life-size characters running around, including Bilbo and Gandalf. If you look closely in one of the photos, you can even see smoke coming out of the chimney. I don't think that part is made out of little plastic bricks.

A feast is laid out on a table while dwarves stand with their weapons at the ready. There's an unexplained pretzel in the scene, but it still looks pretty tasty.

It took 3,000 hours of work and 2 million bricks to put the scene together. The photos all show it hanging out in a big warehouse, but there's no indication yet of where or when it might go on display. I would like to suggest it go on display in my backyard where I can play with it for hours on end.

If you don't have 2 million Legos and 3,000 hours of spare time, you can always pick up a Lego Bag End kit that's a little more down to size. The official movie tie-in kit sold at retail contains just 652 pieces.

Gandalf in Legos
Gandalf hangs out at Bag End. Lego

(Via Nerd Approved)