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Life on the Edge: What tricks does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have up its sleeve?

Samsung's bold and surprising Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 doesn't just look different -- there's an array of edge-based functionality packed in as well.

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While the Galaxy S6 might technically be the latest flagship phone in Samsung's Galaxy family, it's the S6 Edge that's turning heads over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

CNET is on the ground at MWC and we've explored just some of the edge-based features that Samsung has worked into the smartphone.

Foremost is the favourite contacts feature called People Edge. This allows you to specify a number of key contacts who will appear on the edge of the screen in colour-coded bubbles when you pull on the People Edge tab. You can call or text directly from the contact list, and when you miss a message or call from one of those contacts, a tab matching the contact's colour will appear, letting you interact with the alert.

The screen's edge can also display alerts and notifications from a wide array of other apps as required. You can even configure it so the edge will light up when the phone is face down -- during a meeting or at dinner, for example.

Check out more Galaxy S6 Edge features in our hands-on video and extensive feature photo gallery.

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