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This gorgeous-looking sci-fi series is shot entirely with drones

Drone maker 3DR is putting out a dystopian sci-fi series shot with drones and GoPro cameras. The results look promising, as you can see in the newly released trailer.

Drones certainly have their bad days. Sharks munch on them, people shoot them down and law enforcement officials have to deal with them delivering drugs to prisons. But there are also those who see the creative potential in unmanned aerial vehicles. There are drone orchestras, an amazing rope bridge built by a drone swarm and drones that can deliver defibrillators to heart-attack victims.

Drone maker 3D Robotics (3DR) obviously wants you to focus on the positive aspects of drones. It's created a brand-new sci-fi series that will be filmed entirely using its Solo drone armed with a GoPro camera.

Called "Life After Gravity," the series is "a thriller on a global scale -- intergalactic, really -- about the blessings and poisons of extraordinary power, the many conflicts of its pursuit, and the birth of a new era for our civilization when we're suddenly relieved of the trappings of gravity," the company says.

3DR released on Tuesday the above trailer for the series. While some of the CGI effects might leave a bit to be desired, the footage, which the company says was shot all over the word, certainly looks impressive.

Company spokesman Roger Sollenberger told CNET's Crave blog that the series is, in fact, being produced on the cheap and that 3DR eventually wants Solo users to contribute shots.

"It's Hollywood cinema on a Holly Golightly budget," he said. "What we mean by that is we scrape it together as best we can...we use local actors, inexpensive and DIY costumes and props, and tap our friends and Solo users around the world as production partners for their artistic contributions." He adds, however, that the in-house video production team working on the show has several Emmy nominations under its belt.

The first episode of "Life After Gravity" will be released on 3DR's YouTube channel in mid-October, with five more episodes slated to be released every other week through the end of the year, Sollenberger said.

The main goal of the series is to show off the Solo drone, so there's no telling how good the storyline, acting or directing will actually be. But, hey, it's free on YouTube, so it certainly seems worth keeping an eye on.