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Liberate plans new software for carriers

The company announces plans for a software package that it says would lower operational costs for cable, satellite or telecommunications carriers.

Liberate Technologies on Tuesday unveiled plans for a new software package geared to cut expenses for telecommunications carriers while offering better-directed services to subscribers.

The software, called Digital Services Automation, allows a cable, satellite or telecom carrier to create and manage services more effectively over high-capacity digital networks. Wrapping all these needs in one package should help carriers save money, Liberate said. The plans were announced Tuesday at an analyst day in New York.

Digital Services Automation will also give carriers a unified view of subscriber habits for potential cross-promotional opportunities, Liberate said.

For example, a cable company can more effectively offer digital cable subscribers high-speed Internet access or video-on-demand movies if it knows where a subscriber lives or what kinds of movies they prefer.

"This would lead to lower operating expenses and better relationships with subscribers," said Liberate chairman and CEO Mitchell Kertzman.

San Carlos, Calif.-based Liberate also announced a licensing deal with Chinese cable network Guangdong Cable Network Company Limited to provide Liberate's software platform to Guangdong's cable subscribers.

Kertzman is a member of the board of directors at CNET Networks, publisher of