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Hide your high-end PC in your desk with this cool case

Instead of finding space to put a PC under your desk, why not make the table your PC?

Aloysius Low/CNET

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Known for making aluminum PC cases, Lian Li's latest project features tempered glass as well as iron legs for the ultimate nerd experience. The DK-02X case is designed to be a desk, and is large enough to stuff two computers inside.

Packed with plenty of racks for mounting your hard disk drives and fans to push out the heat, the DK-02X is wide enough to support up to three monitors as well. And the best part is, if you need to tinker with your components, all you need to do is slide it out like you would a drawer, without having to crawl under your desk, unplug cables and unscrew the side panels that you would normally do with a typical PC case.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Like most Lian Li cases, everything is pretty much tool-free, so you can quickly snap on parts without having to hunt down a screwdriver.

There are some caveats though -- the DK-02X supports the usual ATX motherboards on the right side, while on the left, there's only enough space for a mini-ITX board. I guess you could possibly set up a work or home theatre PC on the left, while leaving the right side souped up for gaming.

There's also a removable shelf located at the side where you can keep your wireless keyboard and hang your gaming headphones as well.

The DK-02X will retail for $1,189 (£709, AU$1,280) with an estimated shipping date of some time in August. A smaller DK-02X is also available for $200 less, and has space for just one motherboard, while a coffee-table like DK-Q1 was also shown off at the Lian Li booth. Pricing for the DK-Q1 has not been announced.

The coffee table version, the DK-Q1. Aloysius Low/CNET

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