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LG's stunning OLED TV available soon to UK's rich

LG's stunningly vivid 55-inch OLED TV is available in the UK soon but will set you back the princely sum of £6,300.

LG's fancy 55-inch OLED TV may have been kicking around for a while now, but it's finally going on general sale in the UK within the next couple of months. Before you get too excited about snapping up this luscious new telly, be warned that it'll set you back a whopping £6,300.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) TVs are able to produce extremely deep black levels as they're not lit by traditional backlights. Instead, each pixel generates its own light, meaning that the screen is able to show a true black shade, rather than a dark grey that most regular TVs can achieve. In my hands-on time, I found it to be extremely vivid with amazing contrast, punchy colours and superb clarity.

It's not only a wonder in terms of picture quality, it's also mind-bendingly skinny at only 4mm thick -- I was genuinely taken aback when I saw it edge-on. Couple that with the barely noticeable bezel and you get the impression that you have a magical moving poster hovering on your table.

Naturally, technology of this calibre doesn't come cheap. It's set to cost £6,300 (converted from 11m South Korean won, so expect the price to be higher after taxes). It's therefore not a TV for the casual Downton Abbey fan. It originally went up for preorder in limited numbers back in July for £8,000 so it's a shame that it hasn't dropped much in price since then. Once OLED catches on and LG steps up its production, prices will eventually start to tumble.

There's no denying that this TV is absolutely stunning and really does need to be seen to be believed -- in both picture and design. With such a high price though it's unlikely to find a home in too many British living rooms just yet.

What do you think to LG's telly? Is it worth spending such a whopping amount of cash on a TV? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and on our Facebook page.

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