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LG's new clamshell: speakers

Hinged design looks like a phone.

As noted bluntly here before, mobile phone makers have come up with some pretty ugly speakers as they attempt to morph their products into the ultimate combo music devices they hope they'll eventually become. While they continue to flail about for the right answer, LG has decided to make a pair that goes back to its cellular roots with a clamshell design.

Verizon Wireless

From a distance, one might actually mistake its latest Verizon Wireless stereo speakers for the handset itself because of their hinged design. MobileWhack says the speakers, which will work with most of Verizon's V-Cast phones, are lightweight and easily portable. It doesn't look as if they'll work with a Bluetooth connection, however, which seems a shame in today's wireless accessory market.

External speakers like this are just a stopgap solution anyway while the industry tries to figure out how to build them directly into the handset. Until then, maybe phone makers should take a cue from the MP3 player industry and make their products as comfortable as possible.