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LG's G Flex images emerge, phone to launch next month

The images show a smartphone curved at the horizontal axis, unlike Samsung's Galaxy Round.

Images obtained by CNET

LG's curved smartphone, the G Flex, get its glamor shots in.

CNET has obtained renderings of the G Flex, which people familiar with the phone's launch plans confirmed would be launching some time next month.

There's been a lot of buzz over flexible displays and curved smartphones. CNET previously reported on the G Flex, and the latest images only confirm LG's curved smartphone.

The G Flex follows Samsung Electronics' own Galaxy Round, a smartphone it unveiled last week. But while the Galaxy Round is bent on its vertical access, the G Flex is curved at its horizontal access, the thinking that it would better cup your face.

While there's been a lot of talk about flexible displays, it's important to note that neither the Galaxy Round or G Flex will be able bend or flex. Both phones are permanently stuck in their curved positions. To find out more about curved phones and flexible screens, read this.

LG is poised to have a busy few weeks, with the Nexus 5 widely expected to launch later this month. LG was responsible for the hit Nexus 4 last year, and is working on the Nexus 5 as well.

The company has also been pushing its flagship G2 smartphone as well.

Here are more renderings of the G Flex:

Images obtained by CNET

Images obtained by CNET