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LG's eye-poppin' 84-inch 3D ultra-def TV heading to CES

Let the battle of the "world's largest" for CES 2012 begin!

Looks like LG has already given up its TV goodies for CES 2012.

First, it said it's bringing the world's largest (at least for now) 55-inch OLED TV, and now along for the ride is an 84-inch 3D ultra-defiinition 4K TV, another world's largest.

The 3D UDTV has four times the "resolution clarity" of a full HDTV (3,840x2,160 versus 1,920x1,080 pixels), which is nice and it apparently will make LG's 3D experience that much better. The extra resolution won't matter much for consumers right now, though, because you'll need 4K content--and none of that exists yet.

LG has of course packed in all of its latest Smart TV functions with access to premium content services and more than 1,200 apps. And if using a regular remote control doesn't do it for you, LG's ergonomically designed Magic Remote will now recognize four types of command input: Voice Recognition, Wheel, Magic Gesture, and Point.

More details like pricing and availability will hopefully be available at CES.

(Press release via Engadget)