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LG's E2350V or 'The Samsung XL2370, LG-style'

LG's Flatron E2350V is strikingly similar to the Samsung XL2370.

Is it the LG or the Samsung? OK, it's quite clearly the LG, given the prominent LG logo on the front. But at a quick glance... Josh P. Miller/CNET

I have no evidence to support what I'm about to state, but the following scenario just may have taken place. LG, witnessing the Samsung Syncmaster XL2370 get tons of positive attention for its looks and simple design, decides, "Wouldn't it be nice if we released a monitor that got tons of attention for its looks and simple design, too?" And thus was born the LG Flatron E2350V, according to me, that is.

The E2350V looks a lot like the XL2370, but also includes a couple features not seen on the Samsung model, like a built-in headphone jack, an ambient light sensor, and pseudo black-level control. Unfortunately, it didn't inherit the XL2370's ridiculously bright screen, but it does stride into town $30 cheaper.

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