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LG's best plasma adds Wii-like remote control

The company's flagship plasma, the PK950 series, incorporates a remote control designed to act like the controller for a Nintendo Wii.

LG's flagship plasma it announced at CES features a WiiMote-like remote control and user interface. LG
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The success of the Nintendo Wii game console is undeniable, and a large portion of its appeal has to do with its unique motion control interface, known as the WiiMote. Lke it or not, imitators are bound to arise, and LG is the first to step up with a motion control interface adapted to other devices--in this case, the company's most-expensive plasma TV.

LG calls it a "Magic Wand" remote and, according to the company, "This 'Magic' user interface brings together menus, component controls and even embedded games, which can be accessed using a simple remote that combines minimal buttons and gestures to control the on-screen activity." In our experience, using a WiiMote to select screen icons is an experience that ranges from annoying to rage inducing, but we'll leave off panning the Magic Wand until we actually get to use one.

The PK950 series otherwise offers a feature set that's essentially identical to the step-down PK750 series, including a TruBlack filter said to improve black level performance. For more information, check out the write-up of the LG PK750 series.

LG PK950 series features:

  • Magic Wand remote and user interface
  • TruBlack filter
  • THX certification
  • Netcast Interactive feature suite with Netflix, Vudu, Skype, Napster, YouTube, DivX, AccuWeather, and Yahoo Widgets
  • DLNA compatible for music, photos, and video
  • Optional "Wireless Media Hub" interface
  • Optional Wi-Fi connection
  • Single-layer design

LG PK950 series models:

  • LG 60PK950: 60-inch, price TBD, availability April 2010
  • LG 50PK950: 50-inch, price TBD, availability April 2010