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LG VX9400 with Verizon's MediaFlo expected

LG VX9400 would be the first to feature full-length TV programming.

LG VX9400 swivels to a horizontal display LG

With the Verizon press conference a few hours away, we have a little sneak peek into the big announcement that's about to unfold. We're expecting to see the LG VX9400 to debut as the first MediaFlo phone in the U.S., meaning it will be the first phone to receive full-length programming of television shows via a dedicated broadcast network.

LG VX9400 in its candy bar form LG

Unlike that of Verizon's own V Cast, which mostly shows short clips via its EV-DO network, MediaFlo aims to offer high-quality, end-to-end television programming from media channels like NBC, ESPN, and CNN. It won't have as many channels as V Cast, but the video will presumably be of much higher quality and with faster loading times. This will mark the first of many steps to allow people to watch real-time television on their mobile phones.

Here are a few more stunning images of the VX9400 that we managed to grab from a press kit. We'll have more detailed information about the VX9400 after the Verizon press conference.