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LG VX8600 to be the new Chocolate flip phone

LG VX8600 is another sexy Chocolate phone

Tired of new Chocolate phones yet? Well, hold that wallet close, because there is yet another Chocolate phone in town. It looks as if someone has leaked a few juicy details and pictures of the up-and-coming LG VX8600, the flip phone version of the popular LG VX8500 Chocolate slider. The VX8600 clamshell actually looks more like the GSM-based LG KG800 Chocolate in terms of style (no circular navigation pad, for example), and it retains the same touch-sensitive controls and slim and sexy design of the original. According to Engadget Mobile, the features of the phone include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a microSD expansion slot, A2DP Bluetooth, and built-in GPS. It'll also apparently cost $249.99 for retail and $179.99 with a two-year contract. While we're certainly impressed with the design of the phone from these pictures alone, we'll have to wait until we get the phone in our hands for a final verdict. Stay tuned for our full review of the VX8600 for that.