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LG Viper will snake its way into retail on April 22

Sprint and LG's eco-friendly 4G LTE phone will launch April 22 and is available for preorder today.

The LG Viper from Sprint Sprint

Sprint has confirmed that the LG Viper, its first 4G LTE eco-friendly device, will be available for preorder today and will ship to customers on Earth Day, April 22, for $100.

Rated "platinum" by UL Environment for fulfilling its sustainable requirements, environmentally conscious users can be a little more green with this device. It's packaged in 100 percent recyclable material that's made out of post-consumer paper, and, according to Sprint, the phone itself is "constructed from 50 percent recycled plastics."

Because Sprint's 4G LTE network has not launched yet, the LG Viper will ship with its CDMA mode (3G) as the default network connection. When users receive their 4G network, they can then turn their LTE capabilities on.

The Android Gingerbread device has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, an NFC chip, a 5-megapixel camera on the back, a VGA front-facing camera, and a 4-inch WVGA touch screen.