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LG Viewty Smart to drop in Europe this month

The LG Viewty Smart is the successor to the LG Viewty, and is slated to come to Europe this month. U.S. folks won't see it though.

LG Viewty Smart is not headed to the U.S.
LG Viewty Smart is not headed to the U.S. LG

Europeans, rejoice! LG has confirmed that it will be shipping the highly anticipated successor to the LG Viewty (Which we took a closer look at last year's CES), the LG Viewty Smart, later this month. It sports an even better camera than before, with up to ISO 1,600, an "intelligent shot mode" that will automatically adjust camera settings depending on the scene. It retains the same settings as on the original Viewty, like face detection, panorama shot, beauty shot, and so on.

Even more interesting is that LG has announced plans for a 12-megapixel camera phone planned for next year. We've mentioned in the past that we don't know how much good more megapixels will do for the picture quality, but the phone manufacturers keep throwing them at us, so we'll take it. As with the original Viewty though, don't expect this phone available in the U.S. anytime soon. We'll probably get our own customized version of it.

(Via Slashphone)