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No LG G7? LG may launch the LG V30+ Alpha in February instead

If LG can avoid the Galaxy S9 vortex, LG's weaker line stands a better chance.

Last February we got the LG G6, so this February we should get the LG G7, right? Maybe not.

A revamped LG V30 may be in store for MWC 2018.

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Instead of unveiling its next flagship LG G series phone next month -- assumed to be called the LG G7 -- the Korean electronics giant may launch a revamped version of its current premium flagship, the LG V30, instead, The Korea Herald reported.

Earlier this month, LG told reporters that it would be changing things up from its usual launch schedule. Instead of releasing phones about the same time every year like its competitors, LG will only release new phones as "needed." 

LG tends to announce its new G series phones -- like the LG G6 and LG G5 -- in February or March, but with this new schedule we may not see the LG G7 until much later. 

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February is an especially important month for the phone industry due to Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will run from Feb 26. to March 1 this year. Phone makers like Samsung will announce their major phones for spring and summer, including the Galaxy S9. By pushing back its LG G7 launch, LG can avoid being swallowed up in the Galaxy S9's vortex, a clearly competitive disadvantage against one of the world's top two dominating brands.

The variant is rumored to be called the V30+ Alpha, and is reported to have several AI upgrades compared to the standard LG V30. According to The Korea Herald this could include Google Assistant-based functions as well as Google Assistant's Korean language service.

LG has said that it will try to maintain and promote its current flagships (like the G6 and V30) for longer periods of time, and releasing more variant models may be a strategy to do this. LG G6 sales were less than stellar. Will LG's new strategy work in its favor? We'll have to wait until the LG G7 launch to see if this gambit pays off.

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.