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LG updates wireless multiroom sound bars for 2016

LG has announced three new wireless multiroom sound bars for 2016 that include Google Cast and wireless BT-Fi switching.


LG has announced not one but three new wireless multiroom sound bars for 2016 to replace the existing LAS751.

The SH8 and the SH7 offer a wireless subwoofer and slightly different cosmetics to last year's version. Meanwhile the SH6 comes without a sub but features "dual bass ports" to enhance bass response.

All three models feature Wi-Fi -- with compatibility for LG's Music Flow system as well as Google Cast and LG's "Auto Music Play" -- in addition to Bluetooth connectivity.

The models include "BT-Fi," which "automatically switches the connectivity method based on the content source, eliminating the need to manually switch connectivity methods if playing music from different content partners." We're getting clarification from LG what this means, but our guess is it can switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi automatically.

Also new is Adaptive Sound Control feature, which alters the sound mode of the bar according to the type of content you're watching.

The models will be shown at CES 2015, with pricing to be announced.