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LG UP3: Shiny, tiny, in the UK sometimey

An ickle MP3 player, LG's new UP3 packs all the style of its big brother, the FM37. The only issue is its tiny screen relative to its body. Is it too big for a small player or too small for a large player? You decide

LG's latest MP3 player, the UP3, takes all the look and feel of the FM37 or the T54 we saw at IFA. Its shiny all-metal casing houses a player that can play MP3, WMA, OGG (w00t!) and ASF video files. Video may cause a little eyestrain on such a tiny 65,000-colour OLED screen, the resolution of which is currently unknown.

The UP3 will come in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities and costs ₩84,000 (about £45) in South Korea. Currently there's no UK launch date, but such a release would compete with the iPod shuffle, Creative's lovely Zen Stone Plus and even SanDisk's Sansa Clip.

The UP3 is an odd creature in that it's small, yet not tiny; it's got room for a large screen, but doesn't have one. This perplexed reporter wonders exactly what market this player is aimed at. If that screen was extended to fill the whole body it'd make a superb mini video player. But with such a small screen, why not make it ultra tiny and shrink the aluminium body down half the size? That'd look pretty damn sweet!

Whatever market LG's aiming for, the UP3 is still cute. Rest assured we'll keep you posted on more news about it. -Nate Lanxon